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Building Blueprints

Do I Need Fire Sprinklers in My Building?

We are considering purchasing a building without a sprinkler system; the landlord said it has an exit door in every room and didn't need a sprinkler system... Read more It's 15,000+ square feet. […] It was a church. [According to code] What was the building’s previous use(s) [occupancy], exactly? We now teach performing arts and have performances in our theater. What are the new uses [occupancy and fire sprinkler requirements, according to code]?
Fire Pull Station

Can I Caulk around Fire Alarm Pull Stations?

What is the fire code [in my local area] pertaining to caulking around the pull-down fire alarm boxes on the walls in the building? I am having 3 high-rise condos... Read more painted, and the painting company is telling me that they cannot caulk around the boxes as it will set off the alarm? I thought the handle would have to be pulled down to set the alarm off?
Pendant Sprinkler

How to Protect Fire Sprinklers in a Splatter Paint Room?

We are trying to build splatter paint room experiences in our new location. The fire inspector from the city told us that we would fail an inspection... Read more if we covered our upstanding sprinkler heads with cellophane or paper bags that are above the splatter paint room experience. We were able to find NFPA references that you can use these [in] systems—he is saying that it only applies to mist systems, not regular wet systems. We want to be able to pass the inspection and be able to cover the heads with paper bags or cellophane, just like it is referenced in NFPA 25, chapter 12 and chapter 5. [Is there a code-compliant option?]
Fire Pump

How to Test a Pump's Automatic Transfer Switch?

Was the intent of [NFPA 25, section] to apply to UL-listed fire pump controller assemblies with an integrated automatic transfer switch (ATS)... Read more specifically for the fire pump? Our fire pump controller assembly does not have an integrated ATS; therefore, I was under the impression would not be applicable. My AHJ disagrees with me.
Smoke Alarm

Do My Smoke Alarms Require Remote Monitoring?

We are trying to find [code references stating] if individual unit resident smoke alarms need to call a remote monitoring agency... Read more [And] who has the responsibility for maintaining the in-unit alarm? […] I have been searching NFPA 72 and can only find where the smoke alarms need to sound the alarms in the unit, but I cannot find [if] they need to be remotely monitored. The remotely monitored sprinklers cover those areas.
Outdoor Sprinkler Soffit

What Sprinkler Spacing Is Required Outside my Building?

Question regarding sprinkler protection under combustible exterior overhangs (soffits) greater than 4 ft. deep... Read more Are exterior overhangs assigned a hazard classification to help determine sprinkler spacing? Does it depend on if there is storage underneath or not, or does it match the hazard level of the rest of the system?
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